Our Center

Our center is currently closed and we are looking for a new location. Read here to get to whole story http://hoodline.com/2015/11/rising-rents-could-uproot-jewish-learning-institute

San Francisco, January 1, 2011 –

North Beach, an upscale, desirable location in downtown San Francisco, attracts people from all backgrounds and affiliations to the many coffee shops/bars, artisan showcases, and restaurants. This area of San Francisco is untapped in terms of having a Jewish center of activity.

The Jewish Learning Institute of San Francisco (JLISF) announced that it has launched a major initiative for expanding the scale, range, and reach of its programming. JLISF was conceived to provide a forum for exploring Jewish living and learning in a setting that anyone on any level can participate in. Creation of the JLISF center will enliven dialogue among all the diverse heritages that form the San Francisco and North Beach community by providing a center that has the “look and feel” similar to the other locations for which North Beach is known.

In this new center, JLISF will offer a wide range of programming, including exhibitions, films, lectures, and art workshops, all in a comfortable lounge setting.

Doors to open in April in time for the Passover Holiday